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Current Game Date: May 4 101 AN
Current Location: Stormwatch Keep
Current Log: Comming Soon

Next Session: August 14th, 2011
Game Location: Jerry’s House
Food Assignments:

Christy & Jerry: TBA
Rick: TBD
Roger: TBA
Forrest: TBA
Jason: TBA
Greg: TBA
Dan: TBA
Erik: TBA


Erik – Razorstorm Fury, a Female Human Ranger
Roger – Derek Qirrialanos, a Male Half-Elf Warlord
Dan – Arund of the Northern Mountains, a Male Eladrin Wizard
Rick – Franklin Aretha, a Male Deva Invoker
Jerry – Raiann, a Female Dragonborn Paladin
Greg – Kirstar Avernangel, a Female Halfling Rogue
Christy – Ilia Nirp, a Female Deva Cleric
Forrest – Vakros, a Male Gnome Warlock

Main Page

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