Razorstorm Fury

Female Human Ranger, two weapon melee striker


Race: Human
Class: Ranger

Str: 16
Int: 6
Wis: 10
Dex: 19 (including racial +2)
Con: 15
Chr: 11

HP: 32
AC: 16
Initiative: +6
Fort: +6
Ref: +6
Wil: +1

Languages common, draconic

Feats: Toughness (ranger bonus), Quick Draw (human bonus), Weapon Focus-dagger

At will: Hit&Run, Nimble Strike, Twin Strike
Encounter: Dire Wolverine
Daily: Hunter’s Trap

Skills: dungeoneering, acrobatics, athletics, endurance, stealth, perception


Human Ranger, female (going for novelty, not knowing everyone was doing the same)
Unaligned, leaning towards good (her motivation is to save people and be a hero to commoners, but also has no qualms about stealing from, or hurting the rich, whom she believes are guilty of murdering the poor by hoarding food and clothes).
Does not actively worship, generally ignorant of the various religions but is impressed by Kord. She doesn’t know any worshipers of Kord and has never attended a service, but understands his philosophy.

Draconic language learned from Riann.

I did not take nature or healing, and with low wisdom she really isn’t much of a ranger, basically just a two-weapon fighter with acrobatics and stealth. The gist of the character is using daggers both for melee and range with the weapon focus damage applying to both types of attacks.
Since Greg is doing basically the same thing, I would appreciate it if the drawing weapons rules would be enforced, otherwise half of my character’s abilities are worthless. Quickdraw allows the daggers to be drawn in the same action as they are thrown- normally you would have to draw them seperately.

Grew up on a scratch farm on the edge of the Dutchy. The area was raided during the war, and suffered from some sort of blight afterwards. Entire family starved to death as did many neighbors. Taken in reluctantly by Aunt Bess. When they ran out of food she tried to drown me in the river because they had too many mouths to feed. I washed up on shore and did not figure out that it was intentional. Grew up pretty much alone, gathered a collection of daggers off the various battlefields and lived by illegally hunting rabbits with throwing daggers on the Duke’s land. Scrapped up enough money by doing odd jobs and performing acrobatics at faires to buy my leather armor, rope, etc.

Her real name is very common, and a secret which she has nearly forgotton. She wants to put her entire past behind her because it is too painful to think about. She took the name Razorstorm Fury because she has delusions of being a great hero and saving people, and it helps her think of herself as an entirely new person. She is brave, quick to act, and driven by reacting to immediate needs rather than planning.

She believes she is invincible. Her rationale for thinking Aunt Bess was not trying to murder her, is an irrational belief that it was a magic river and when Aunt Bess squeezed her around the throat and dunked her in the river it made her invincible everywhere the water touched her- except her neck and throat. So she believes she cannot be killed unless her head is chopped off. (heard an Achilles story from a bard long ago and subconsciously adapted it to herself, except she has an Achilles’ neck instead of an Achilles’ heel).

Dumb as a rock: Razorstorm has an Int 6 which is equivelant of an IQ 60. She is illiterate, born to illiterate parents and never went to school. She makes up her own version of reality, is not bothered by facts, has no concept of history, and does not realize that books and tomes contain useful information. She also believes that all farmers are constantly starving to death and that town markets are the source of food which needs to be distributed out to the poor countryfolk. She has a paranoid fear of starving, and acquiring more food is always going to be her top priority, even above treasure. She spent all her extra money on a huge bag of food which tops off her weight carrying allowance (a 90 pound pack of rations). She drops it at the start of combat and picks it up when moving. She also has a phobia of immersion in water, despite having a high athletics- she can swim on top, but is terrified of submersion.

Razorstorm Fury

Starfall RazorstormFury