Derek Qirrialanos

Half-elf Lawful Good Warlord


S:13 I:13 W:9 D:12 C:17 Ch:17

AC:18 HP:29

Equipment: Long Sword, Crossbow, 50 bolts, Chain Mail, Light Shield

Skills: Athletics (8), Diplomacy (9), Heal (4), History (6)

Feat: Inspired Recovery

Powers: Inspiring Word (X2); Furious Smash; Wolf Pack Tactics; Guarding Attack; Righteous Brand; Bastion of Defense

Saving Throws: Fortitude +4; Reflex +1; Will +4


Derek is the son of a human mother and elven father. He was raised by his human mother and has never met his elven father. His personal quest is to find his elven father. Derek originally used his mother’s surname, Taylor, but upon attaining adulthood took his father’s surname. Since he was never raised by elves, he made a special effort to learn the elven language while growing up so he would be better able to find his father later in life.

Derek Qirrialanos

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