Attack on Ardenvale

Goblin raid devastates town

Dateline: Mayday, 101 AN Location: Ardenvale, Duchy of Tenebrae

The Mayday festival was held in Ardnenvale and the priest of Bahamut, Halal, and the priest of Erathis, Arnid, planned a special ceremony. At the village square, Razonstorm Fury attempted to entertain the crowd with juggling tricks and knife throwing to limited success. Her blade work was fine, but failed to convince the crowd to part with coin. Raiann sought out Halal to learn more about the ceremony, but was rebuffed at his door, never even seeing the priest. Kirstar practiced her trade on the visting merchants, cutting a man’s purse and absconding with his gold.

A horde of goblins stealthily entered town and staged a daring daylight attack on the village square. The eight beasts slew a villager and drew the ire of the party. The battle was fierce as the goblin warriors lobbed javelins at the heroes and goblin blackblades struck out with vicious short swords. But the party fought back, Arund lashed out with chilling cold and magic spikes and Ilia lanced the beasts with divine light and punished the foe with her mace.

But even as the goblins fell a new threat was discovered. A second group of goblins burst from the home of Halal, scattering the good people of Ardenvale before them. Kirstar and Ilia moved to deal with these new enemies as the goblin leader and his sharpshooter guard charged toward the people on the other side of the square. A goblin warrior, near death and surrounded, performed a bizarre kamikaze attack on Raiann, striking her with a fierce blow and ripping itself apart in the process. Razorstorm Fury and Arund struck down the few goblins remaining near the public house and the group decended on the remaining enemy.

The goblin heretic raised a shrouded talisman and with a few unintelligible utterances caused a blinding burst of light to appear on the battlefield. When our heroes could again see, the goblin had disappeared and two poor villagers, Old Thom and his wife Maya were driven to madness and fury. The blighted humans rushed Ilia only to be crushed by her mace. And the last goblin fell to Kirstar’s blades and Arund’s spells.

The party rushed to Halal’s home only to find the priest bleeding on the floor at the brink of death. Raiann went to the old priests side, calling on her healing touch to save his life.


I think “devastates town” is a bit of an overstatement. Three villagers dead, and no buildings burned down. And Thom and Maya were really old, it was probably a mercy for Ilia to end it so quickly for them. And what is this about a party? I don’t remember anyone throwing a party. Or were they talking about an adventuring party? How odd would that be, although I guess there is a Paladin and a Warlord, and a cleric of sorts, but the rest of us are not exactly adventuring types, I mean I was scared to death. Heroes don’t feel like that do they? I only ran towards them to get in range of my spells while I hid behind the Paladin and Warlord. And I don’t remember too much of anything else except Derek killing that one goblin right in front of me…... It was awful. Do heroes have nightmares?

Attack on Ardenvale

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