Finding the Master

Goblins and rats and zombies, Oh My!

I am starting to get the hang of this adventuring stuff I think. We broke into this lair and fought some goblins and stuff. They weren’t that tough, but then we walked into this hallway that had traps. And people just kept going in, what are they crazy? Guys, there are traps!!

Anyway, after the traps were disabled, we managed to fight our way to the guy in charge up here, and he begged for his life, saying he would show us to the “Master” Well, we figured we could find the Master on our own, so we dispatched of the goblin, then found a secret door which led us downstairs.

In the lower level, they were excavating some room, and when we went to investigate, a bunch of giant ants came out led by an Ankheg. My spells don’t do a lot of damage, but the ants could not take a lot of damage so that worked out pretty well. The dragon born was grabbed and dragged off the platform by the Ankheg, and we followed trying to kill the ants before they ate him. He probably didn’t need our help, but it was almost fun sitting on a platform a safe distance away and using my spells. I am getting pretty good at casting them.

After that we were attacked by a bunch of rats as we wandered the halls. They are kind of annoying, but not very tough. But then this red gelatinous mass started chasing me and tried to dissolve my flesh. I managed to get away before it finished, and then the thing split in two. I guess we shouldn’t have been slicing at it with swords. Zacros told us to use magic or fire, and it didn’t last too long after that.

Well, we tried to hole up and wait until we could rest and regain our powers, but they were sending search parties, then some chanting started. Some sort of summoning ritual I believe, but this was evil. My psyche was damaged when I tried to figure out what they were saying. Needless to say we didn’t want to be trapped down stairs, so we holed upstairs in the chief goblin’s room. Then something started banging on the door. We let them tire themselves out, but they finally broke through the door. It was awful. Zombies all the way down the hall. The Warlord charged out into them (very brave, but not very bright to my thinking), while the Paladin held the doorway. We managed to entrap a bunch of them, and then fought the remaining ones. in no time there were only a few left, and the Paladin, not wanting to be outdone by the Warlord, ran into the middle of the three biggest zombies in the hall. Lucky for him we managed to kill the remaining zombies before they killed him. Now, it is back to waiting so we can rest and recover. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day.



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